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Super Million Hair Mist

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Change your appearance in just 10 seconds with SUPER MILLION HAIR --- it's definitely MIRACLE, MAGIC AND INCREDIBLE !

Production Description

Item No.3, MIST 200ml


    Capacity & Price
  • Won 20,000.-
  • Super Million Hair Mist is applied, after sprinkling SUPER MILLION HAIR, to keep it in place through strong winds, rain and during sporting activities.

    1. Wash and dry hair.
    2. After setting your own hair style as usual, sprinkle Super Million Hair over the thinning area until the scalp is no longer visible.
    3. To avoid scattering powder of SUPER MILLION HAIR, apply special spray SUPER MILLION HAIR MIST over the applied area.
    4. Before going to bed, wash your hair once again and it will be removed very easily.


    • SUPER MILLION HAIR will not damage your skin or hair, and can be used in conjunction with tonics and other treatments.
    • SUPER MILLION HAIR is easily removed by washing with soap or sampoo.
    • SUPER MILLION HAIR is artificial hair cut into 0.3 - 0.5 mm sections and so it's not heavy or bulky. SUPER MILLION HAIR is non toxic and completely safe even in sensitive areas like the eyes.
    • It is suitable for everyone regardless of age or sex.
    • It doesn't mark or stain, if you sprinkle SUPER MILLION HAIR on your clothes due to dust off easily.
    • SUPER MILLION HAIR stays in place in rain or wind and even during physical activites such as tennis, golf.
    • SUPER MILLION HAIR is 100% natural fiber, extracted from tropical plants and so there's no harm, inflammation or allergie to your skin and/or body.